Chanel 5076H Mother Of Pearl Sunglasses Question

  1. I really want to know this amazing side of the sunglasses but I can't find good video clips of people wearing them,
    Im considering buying the black ones for $250 but I need a example view of the Logo sides.


    I am 16 and Straight as hell!!!!
    Authentic Only!!!!:boxing:
  2. love those!!!
  3. I have them, bought them recently, they run over $300, if you can a pair at that price... go for it!
  4. Yes but I need some pics of people wearing them or the sides.
  5. Just curious, but why the sides? You can see them pretty clearly in that picture.
  6. Because The Mother Of Pearl Changes Color and I want to see a Example of it.
  7. it doesn't change all that much. try searching the chanel forum for more pics.
  8. I have these in black and Sonia is right, the color doesn't change much. They're a wonderful pair of sunglasses, pretty much flattering on everyone. I've had mine for almost a couple of years and constantly get compliments on them.
  9. I had these in the tortoise shell - and they always fogged up on my face. I loved them, but sold them about 6 months after buying them on eBay :s - they were always fogging - I felt like I needed windshield wipers! :lol:
  10. I got have these and love them! I have since bought some dior and juicy sunglasses but don't use them because I can't stop wearing this beauty.
  11. the color doesn't change at all on my pair either.
    Do a search, plenty of photos already available if you look:yes:
  12. I have a pair of the black ones with the mother of pearl CC logos. They don't really change color at all. I have shoulder length hair with side swept bangs if that helps give you a better picture. Chanel makes great sun glasses, I definitely see a difference in the quality of the lenses between my Chanel and Guccis.
  13. I have these in both black with black lenses and tortoise with brown lenses. For whatever reason, the pearl CCs on the tortoise pair are a little darker & grayer -- which I actually really like. I think each pair is different.
  14. I have a pair of those in white. The CC's are darker than the ones on the black... but they don't change colors either.
  15. Mine don't change either, i have it in black