Chanel 5076 Sunglasses...

  1. Black or tortoise? Which would you choose? I'm on the fence. Thanks for any input!
  2. Depends on your skin color. I have light skin and dark blonde hair. The black frame was too harsh for my coloring and face shape. I can wear other frames in black such as the 6014 and 5080b because the frame is not as thick as the 5076. I opted for the brown 5076 before eventually selling them.
  3. Tortoise ... b/c it goes with black or brown IMHO.
  4. tortoise or yellow frame ,would be a great match to any wardrobe....!
  5. The black is classic.
  6. tortoise...
  7. Thanks for the input :smile:. I have the 4088s in black so I was thinking I'd like the tortoise. But, I am afraid I won't wear them as often. I don't know!:confused1:
  8. I have them in purple.

    They also make them in green, and I believe, a reddish color.
  9. P.S. - The black was also too harsh for my skin tone. I have 5088b in tortoise, and some smaller Chanels (model number forgotten; I'm too lazy to go look) in black.
  10. Just bought them in black, love them so much,, and for the amount that I paid, I better wear them.. everyday!