Chanel 5018 Sunglasses wOAH they are hard to find.. Any suggestions

  1. wow so I have been calling EVERYWHERE from Neimans, Saks, Nords, all around the world to OUtside of the UNITED STATES in Canada, London, Amsterdam, Paris AND NO LEADS!!!!!!! I cant find these suckers anywhere!!! i am so mad. I dont want to pay 1000 for these on eBay.... Any other suggestions? Any leads? They are the Chanel 5018 sunglasses... AHHHHH I wish i could have these...
    94ea_12.jpg 90a9_1.jpg
  2. if anyone is from Italy let me know and i can give you the style number if you can call for me. thanks
  3. I saw these at NM in Scottsdale...but it was a few weeks ago. Perhaps you could try there? I dont know anything about shipping internationally though.
  4. aww man!!! i just called 2 weeks ago they sold out............. thanks still actually worn out ive called EVERYWHERe...