CHANEL 5018 SUNGLASSES post your pics please

  1. Can you post pictures of yourself wearin them pleaseeee i want to see what they look like on normal people. Im very curious about these sunglasses. Also if any of you belong to thefashionspot on the forum sunglasses and shades toward the end of the forum someone posts pics of them wearing them and i cant see it because i dont have an account there. if anyone can log on and get that pic and post it here i would be so happy!!!! also below her in post 2050 someone else posts a pic also thanks
  2. go the Chanel sub-forum. there are some post about this sunglass
  3. IF YOU HAVE THESE SUNGLASSES POST PICS OF YOU WEARING THEM PLEASE I WANT TO SEE HOW THEY LOOK. do you feel dumb wearing them because they are very out there? I love them though... Let me know
    95d4_12.jpg 94ea_12.jpg
  4. pic from what does everyone think of these?
  5. I think you have to be confident to pull the look off. It's definitely not for everyone.
  6. no one?
  7. i love them but tried them on like 6 times at the store and they just didn't work for me. I think nicole ritchie looks great with them though.
  8. I tried them on & they were definitely not for me. Nicole Richie has been seen wearing them numerous times. Maybe google her?
  9. i given up.. the sunglasses are sold out nationwide and worldwide... sucks...
  10. Yeah I think your correct.. These are never to be made again! EVER!!!!!! Prices only continue to raise on eBay....:lol::angel:
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    so far i own 6 prs of chanel sunnies. this new style's really cute and i would luv to get my hands on a pair but i can't find them anywhere. neither the chanel stores nor any optical retailers here carry them anymore! :sad:



  13. I've been trying to figure out the name of these FOREVER!

    I'm desperate for a pair. I'd definatly wear them, even if they weren't totally me, because I love them so much.
  14. chanel 5120 newer version