Chanel 5018 I GOT EM

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  1. I got them but my boyfriend HATES Them on me and with him i will never hear the end of it... SUCKS i really like them... But i paid a lot for them so i think i will just sell em. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im sad
  2. Post pics!!! We'll tell you what we think!
  3. yes yes! pics :smile: hehe
  4. im so on the fence i love them and i know they will never be remade again ever! SO they are collectors items but i am not sure... they are pretty fun!
    my chanels.jpg my chanels 2.jpg my chanels 3.jpg my chanels 4.jpg
  5. ^^^Very fun, but I wish the color transition was more gradual (like nicole's in your signature).
  6. You were looking for those for a while? right? keep them. and besides they look cool on you.i like them:tup::tup:
  7. I think they are really cute!:tup: Very vintage looking:nuts:

    You're so pretty by the way!

  8. love them! I hve them and my sister thinks they are the wierdest things ever...but I love them and wear them always!
  9. i think they look really cute on you!
  10. awww thank you everyone! yeah i had been looking for those forever!! haha. Finally got them but had to pay more for em.. in my quote nicole isnt wearing the chanel5018s there. Shes wearing some other sunglasses. hehehe thanks all!!! YAYA i will keep em!
  11. Not as much of a fan, but if you really like it keep them.
  12. i would keep them. very nice. when you get tired of the lenses or they get scratched due to wear you can switch them out to something more gradual or uniform if you like... i often do this with my oliver peoples sunglasses after a year's wear, it is relatively inexpensive and the refurbishing makes them good as new (polish, tighten screws, lens change, etc.)
  13. I like them!
  14. look perfect for your face
    I mean oversized but with nice balance
    I love them
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.