CHANEL 50% Off

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just marked its remaining sale merchandise down to 50% off.

    The Madmoiselle tote are marked down to $869, the Denim Tote is marked down to $779, and the 70's hobos are marked down to $769.
    Mad Small Tote.JPG Mad Small Tote2.JPG Denim Tote 2.JPG 70's Hobo.JPG 70's Hobo Black.JPG
  2. wow what good deals!!! if i was in the states i think i would have bought some :smile: thanks for the heads up!

    chanelboy - when is the next big chanel sale??
  3. How much are the bags in the 4th and 5th pic?
  4. Those are the 70s hobos for USD769 as mentioned above.
  5. tnx for the info Chanelboy! are the accessories marked down as well?
  6. Thanks!
  7. Ack...more temptations...I must resist!:sweatdrop:
    Thanks for the head up Lucas.
  8. Holy crap, that is a good markdown, somebody snatch up these deals!
  9. Hi Chanelboy,
    Is that Black Mad. Tote still available? Can I order via phone and have it shipped to NJ?
  10. Dawn- You can order via phone, so I would just call Lucas directly ASAP if you really want this bag: 952-883-2121. He is great to work with and you won't be disappointed.
  11. They also have a Cambon Reporter in brown. I forgot to ask how much but it's 50% off!
  12. ACK! Great deals! Thanks for posting these ChanelBoy!!!
  13. No problem. The small black mad tote is sold, also the denim tote is too.
  14. Wow! Great deals!
  15. Lucas, thanks for posting those deals. You made my day...

    Ladies, in case if you haven't dealt with Lucas before, he's absolutely awesome to deal with.