Chanel #5 users....

  1. Do any of you notice a difference in scent between the edt. made in france and the one made in USA? My mom and I did and we are wondering if we are just nuts!:shame:
  2. Actually, I just noticed that too! My bottle of No. 5 is from France, and it seems to be stronger and less powdery smelling than the EDP's I've sprayed at department store counters, Sephora, etc.

    I assumed it was the age of the bottle (I've had it for a couple years now) but maybe there's actually a slight difference in formulas...?
  3. Funny you should ask this...

    I have worn Chanel #5 almost exclusively for the past 25 years. Every formulation smells strikingly different to me, and the EDP spray (not the dab on) bottled in the US is what I think smells the absolute best.

    Recently I ordered a bottle of the EDP spray online and received one that had been bottled in France. When I used it for the first time I noticed the difference in smell immediately! I even wondered if it may be counterfeit.

    I talked to my SA at the local Macy's and asked her if there would be a difference between the US and French formulations - she said yes! Apparently the ingredients used are the same, but the extracts, etc. from the two countries vary, say like the taste of the water does from different regions.

    You aren't crazy!