Chanel #4 B4 Price Increase? Yes or No

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To buy now or not to buy? That is the question.

  1. Get the black flap now if you can

  2. Wait for the S/S 08 reissues- think purple

  3. Wait- Saks ECG will defray some of the price increase shock

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  1. Thanks to the this Chanel thread of tPF, I have become hooked on Chanel. Due to the pending price increase, I arranged things so that I was fortunate to get 3 bags in the past couple of months. I have a black GST w s/h, an off white Jumbo flap with s/h and a red timeless clutch. I have continued to dream of having a black flap with g/h for dressy occasions when a clutch would not work. On the other hand, I have been sort of on a bag ban given my new acquisitions.

    None of the cruise bags have really appealed to me. I like the idea of a reissue in purple or red such is rumoured to be in the S/S 08 collections, but I would want leather (not fabric), and it would have to the right shade. If I did not like any of the S/S 08, I would focus on a medium flap at that time, but it would gall me to have to pay $200-$300 more. The only consolation is I would probably try to get it at a Saks ECG event.

    I am thinking of seeing if there is an east-west flap that I can get by next Wednesday. I would really like a classic medium flap, but the east-west is "only" $1395 right now vs $1995 for the medium flap. I am leery of waiting and trying to find something on eBay as there are so many fakes out there.

    So, should I go for the flap now or continue to save with the goal of getting a reissue in the spring or the black medium flap?
  2. In my opinion, it's silly just to find something to buy because the price is going up. Wait until there is one that you can't stand to not have. I know the increases make people crazy and it's easy to get caught up but if you're only going to buy one, I'd wait. I know it may cost more but you'll likely be happier in the long run if you get your "dream" bag vs. something that you bought because it was less expensive.
  3. I would wait for the Spring- you never know what bag might pop up and grab you then. Or you could get the flap now prior to the increase just to have and if you can stand to not use it just wait and hold onto it. If something better comes up you can just exchange it- if not you got the flap already- pre-increase and everything will work out. KWIM
  4. I agree :smile:
  5. Another vote to wait because you sound a bit ambivalent and I am sure you will tempted in the Spring. Hang on in there and I am sure you won't regret it!
  6. mmmm...purple! That would be one gorgeous bag and well worth the gamble. I'd wait and if one doesn't come out that you like, you can always try to pick up the flap at an ECG like event later.
  7. The black flap will always be around. Just think how sad you would be if you got the chance to buy purple but didn't have the funds!
  8. Ditto :smile:
  9. :yes::yes::yes:

  10. agreed. sorry if this sounds offensive to anyone but imho the black classic flap is very common, i see it more than i see a reissue / cabas / vintage ligne aka the seasonal bags (i will spot at least one carrying it this weekend when i go down town). it's a nice timeless bag which you can get any time any day and can match with anything (you know the classic flaps do come in seasonal colors like red/plum/fonce/ivory/grey), but think about it, knowing you want a purple reissue yet having to pass up on it b/c you used up the funds on something else? if i were you i would be kicking myself! LOL, i mean i am already doing so for passing up on the grey anni. edition reissue! ACKS!!! :crybaby:
  11. I couldn't agree more!:yes::tup:
  12. Ok, the voices of reason have spoken. I think will wait and save.

    Thank you!
  13. the colored reissues due for ss 08 are all gonna be satin :cry:
  14. Honestly, your collection sounds wonderful, I would consider waiting.....

  15. What ? oh my goodness, where did you hear this fashionispoison :wtf:

    can anybody else confirm or (hopefully) deny this!!