Chanel 3 flap

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  1. I saw a small chanel 3 flap yesterday in blue patent leather. What other colors does it come?
  2. There was a dark army green one as well.
  3. I only saw navy and dark pink. is that all?
  4. where did u see that army green ? I only saw dark pink and navy.
  5. It was at my local boutique in Toronto, Canada. I didn't see the dark pink, just the dark olive green and the navy.
  6. Hi op I recently bought the Chanel 3 in the Fuchsia at my local botique on Worth Ave in Palm Beach, Florida. They had it in three different shades of pink though one was a pearly pink color and I think they had about three or four in stock
  7. Is this dark pink in lambskin or patent?
    May you post some pictures of the front, interior and sides? Thanks

  8. it's lambskin to my as far as I know this season they haven't made the chanel 3 flap in a patent ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391783738.186862.jpg
  9. My SA has the 3 in dark pink and beige.
  10. ^^ Very pretty color !!!
  11. Is the strap drop the same on the newer Chanel 3 as on the old ones? I'm wondering if the new ones will go cross body? Anyone have modeling pics of it worn that way?
  12. It comes in dark pink this year.