Chanel 3 bag versus classic flap

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I recently visited the Chanel store and saw that they have the navy blue patent shw and forest green patent shw chanel 3 flap bags available in two sizes. The medium size is $3700 before tax and the larger size is $4100 before tax in Canadian dollars.

    Do you ladies think that it looks decent and is worth the price tag? The chanel 3 bag is not that much cheaper than the classic flap bags. The front looks about the same, but the sides and interior is different with three compartments. Do these three compartments give more space to fit things? I wonder if the interior compartments will stretch and not look nice with time.

    Also, I am considering the gst with black caviar ghw as well. It seems like a classic alternative that fits more stuff. The gst has the classic black with gold chains, classic cc and quilts that I like.

    For your information, I own a m/l black caviar ghw flap bag and a red patent square mini flap bag. Both do not fit a lot of stuff, but look nice.

    My concerns are whether it is classic looking or not, whether it will be outdated looking in years, the practicality, and the cost.

    Thank you ladies!!:biggrin:
    (The front view is the actual bag for this season and the side view and interior view was taken from other threads.)

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  2. I'm not a fan of the accordion style. And since it's practically the same price as the classics, I would skip.
  3. Hi :smile:
    i thought the three compartments restrict storage more than the classic. The bottom is also not as broad.
    Since you alr have the classic flap and mini, i would say go for the gst :jrs:
  4. I think the Chanel 3 is a great alternative to the classic flap, but I don't think it replaces it if that makes sense. I see the CHanel 3 as a seasonal bag that is meant to be (somewhat) disposable; the Classics I see as long-term. Since you already have a classic flap, the Chanel 3 would be great for everyday use.

    However, that being said, personally I would invest in classics first over seasonal bags. I see the Chanel 3s as being good for people who don't want to spend as much as the classic or for people who have so many classics already that they like the color in the seasonal Chanel 3 bags.
  5. My collection is very similar to yours, classic m/l ghw and a caviar mini classic...I also have the gst in caviar black and I really really love it. It carries a lot more and it looks like the chanel 3 would also be of similar size as the others that you have, I highly recommend the gst! Very classic and holds a lot more!
  6. for the price, I'd go with the classic. can't beat it.
  7. +1
  8. I have been eyeing this bag for a while. I recall seeing them at the Yorkdale location at the grand opening last year, while I haven't been to the Yorkdale location recently, I did see the exact same ones (navy and green) at Holts bloor last week- that says a lot about their popularity. That being said, it does seem like a functional bag, but the price tag is too much for a seasonal bag, I would get it in a heartbeat if its around 3000.
  9. I have chanel 3 in raspberry color and it's great. Easy to get in and out of, so I would say it's a great every day bag!
  10. 3 is a nice bag, look of classic for a less expensive price. I was considering this over a classic but one thing that was pointed out was how bulky it can get once you put your stuff in. Try that and see if you still like the 3 with your stuff in it, otherwise I'd suggest for the GST. Good luck deciding.
  11. I don't own the 3 bag but I have seen lambskin versions in store and had a play around with it. I feel as though it would fit more than your m/l as the structure isn't as rigid. It's a nice alternative, if it was at a lower price point. Nonetheless, I think it's a gorgeous bag :smile:

    Good luck deciding!
  12. One of the posts mentioned that it gets bulky once you put your stuff it, I can see that because all the compartments, is that true? how bulky does it get? like very wide at the bottom that almost opens like a fan (if that makes sense)? I still really like this bag, but I just cannot get over the price for a seasonal piece.
  13. I agree, love the bag, don't love the price. I own one in the smaller size in lambskin. I wouldn't mind getting one in the larger size too. I adore it for it's smooshy-ness. I'm not a big fan of the more rigid style of the classic flap, especially the jumbo size. The softness of the Chanel 3 fits my curves better.
    So for me, the Chanel 3 fits the bill. Just wish it was priced more affordably.
  14. I was going to purchase the light pink Chanel 3 but my boyfriend said the side view reminded him of cow utters :sad: so I decided to get a pink jumbo instead. I think it's a good spacious bag but if you carry around a lot and fill up each compartment, the bag will get really bulky. If the classic flap is too small for you I'd also recommend a GST or something like that.
  15. It does get pretty bulky. Have you seen this video of it on youtube?

    You can see how it looks with all of her things inside the purse. Hope that helps!