Chanel 226 - Does it make me look too old?

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  1. As some of you know I purchased a Black Reissue 226 about 2 weeks ago...everytime I take it out of the dustbag and attempt to wear it out, I end up using another bag. I sometimes think it makes me look too old. I'm 25 and am used to carrying Chloe's, BV and Balenciagas. Should I return it and wait until I get a little older or should I hang on to this bag? TIA :heart: :flowers:
  2. If your unsure about the bag , return it. I have the same bag and it was love at first sight!! I use mine all the time. You can dress it up or down. Having said that, you have to be comfortable with a bag. Chanel does so many different styles that if you have decided that you want a Chanel in your collection , I am sure you will find the one that is just right for you. Like Jill says, do your research!
  3. hey guys, let's keep this ON TOPIC.
    If anyone here has an issue, don't bring it to the Chanel Forum, take it to PM.

    I'm going to clean this thread up now. . .
  4. Well i do that too, sometimes i intend to use a certain bag end up taking out another. I guess alota girls do that.
    I dont think the reissue bag makes u look older IMO. I guess it pretty much depends on what you wear and whether the bag goes with your outfit.
    You can wear it like a sling bag instead of wearin it on your shoulder. I think it makes alot of difference.
    I have yet to own any Chanel but im planning to get a medium flap by the end of this year despite the fact that my bestie tells me it looks like a grannies handbag. Lol.

  5. sweetsparkle- have you considered the vintage ligne or the cloudy bundle collection? They are more casual and TDF!:P
  6. does it look like IRL..the vintage ligne?
  7. I was at Chanel yesterday and tried in the vintage ligne tote again. It is TDF. Beautiful and soft and very comfortable over the shoulder. The only thing that held me back from buying it was that I had just hours before splurged on a Hermes Kelly! However, I am still considering getting it although I have never been a 'tote' girl. I did also try on the PNY box tote. Another beauty!
  8. well , you don't have to wear it with a suit . Try it w/ superskinny tight jeans and heels and a babydoll top , it'll look fab and not too mature .
  9. Did you get one with gold or silver hardware? Sometimes I think the gold hardware is a little more formal or mature looking, while the silver seems a bit younger, hipper. JMHO
  10. That is true , i didn't wear gold till i turned 30 .
  11. Hmm Im 22 and I've been using chanel classics for 2 years now. I dont feel old . dont let the bag take over your age, your young so when you use it the bag should in fact look younger.
  12. hehe I wear the gold hardware at 22. and people still think I look 16 :P
  13. I jusy didn't really start liking gold till I was around thirty , plus platinum makes diamonds look even better ! If that's possible .
  14. I don't have the reissue bag, but I've seen it in PFer pics and I don't think it makes them look old at all. I think it depends on your outfit and how you wear it. But, if you feel really uncomfortable and don't like using it at all, I would return it for something that you will love. Rose makes a good point. Chanel makes a lot of different styles that suit all sorts of personalities and personal styles. Have you thought about the Caviar Medallion Tote, the Medium Classic Flap is gorgeous, too, in dark red(see me_love_purse's pics) and Violet(see Tresormakati's Jumbo Flap pic), and tons of other colors. Maybe you can try silver hardware like others have suggested. My first Chanel(on its way to me) has gold hardware, but I don't think it looks old. It's the Charlotte SATC bag. I looved the way it looked on China White and Luccibag. :heart: The Luxe Metallic Flap is beautiful and fun, too. I also like the Cloudy collection, etc...gosh there are sooo many lovely styles. lol! I could go on forever. I guess what I'm saying is, if you aren't completely satisfied, exchange it for something more *you*.:yes:
  15. I don't think the reissue would make you look old at all! I think with the right outfit, it looks funky in a chic way. :+) That being said, if you decide to return it, can you tell me when and where you return it to? I've been searching for this bag! :+)