Chanel 2020 Spring Summer (20S)

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  1. Can’t wait for this!!! Any idea when in Mar wld the new collection hit the store?
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  2. Third week of March... like around 24th/27th ish usually
  3. Do you know if this is confirmed in Europe? I'm going to London and Italy from early to mid March and really hope I can catch the release date of spring summer! :hrmm:
  4. Mh... not sure you’ll see it. Especially in EU. Usually, as I said, the launch day it’s the third Friday of the month, so probably the 27th and they don’t have everything on launch day. Stuff start coming in at the beginning of April.
  5. Some intel. Credit & thanks to the IG: Mireyna_Fashionlover

    FD059674-28DC-41C2-9629-D84E3B1951E4.png CE97856F-2952-488D-A157-2653FA16EBC5.png EACEAEF8-AF84-48E2-8B11-C7A646761765.png
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  6. Does Chanel sometimes change the strap drop of the classic flaps? I recently saw on FP a small classic flap with like 22" drop. I ruled out all classic flaps bc I only wear crossbody and hand-held. I'm trying to get a mini caviar in black but since they are never available, if smalls come with longer drop, I might just go for that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  8. Hi! No sorry. I didn't see anything on Jumbos.

    I would assume since it says it has light gold hw that it’s a seasonal beige. Not classic beige Clair.
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  9. i thought the same. Thanx for the reply.
    Going to wait for the beige clair :hbeat:
  10. might not be beige clair, last time chanel had a small beige CF was in 19b in this darker tan color with light gold HW

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  11. Does anybody have a rough idea about the price of this beauty? I’m trying to debate between coco handle 20p colour and this so knowing the price would help. Tia View attachment 4649967

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  12. crumpled calf and black hw :nuts:
  13. Are you looking for the small in beige Clair? I just saw in my local boutique last night! SA said they are coming back so it won’t be too hard to find.
  14. Sometimes people send their bags to Leather Surgeons for the chain to be modified, so the bag can be worn crossbody.
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