chanel 2005 tweed bag , help me pls

  1. i've just checked ebay today and found this auction :

    i really don't know much about this line of Chanel but i love this bag . I tried to look at all the pictures , but the pic of authentic number seems off to me :cry: . I know that so many fake bags of Chanel come with seri number start with 9 .
    Pls give me a help :sad2: :wacko: .
    thanks so much
  2. I am far from being an expert, but this bag looks okay to me. I noticed it is a bag from 2005, which should begin with a 9 or a 10.

    Also, the seller is known as being reputable. I actually have her on my "favorite seller" list on ebay
  3. MSM - It's a darling bag and I'd grab it! I too have this seller bookmarker.....some century I'm going to buy myself a Chanel jacket and I keep looking at her sight for just the right one to come along.

    BTW, not to put fuel to the fire but I notice she has the shoes to go with the bag...:nuts:
  4. BTW, not to put fuel to the fire but I notice she has the shoes to go with the bag...:nuts:[/quote]

    I noticed that too. Wouldn't that look cute together?
  5. I'm not usually a matchy-matchy girl but sometimes it could be so cute! Especially with those shoes....with jeans it could look to die for! I'd do it......
  6. wow that link is bad cuz i'm seeing everything else on sale! *drool*
  7. This seller always has awesome stuff:nuts:
  8. MSM I've got the same bag in a larger size...I'll post my pic for you :amuse:
  9. thanks all for help ^_^ . I've changed my mind and decied to put all my money for Chanel valentine bag . I love it more than Tweed bag :biggrin: . Even though , shoog , your Chanel bag is so so wonderful , I wish i had one :sad:(
  10. Thanks MSM :smile:

    good luck with the valentine bag :nuts:
  11. OMG! TOO FUNNY! I have the shoes in this pattern too!!!!LOL! Never worn them though!!HEE!HEE!HEE! CUTE BAG.looks ok to me!SOMEONE buy it!LOL!