Chanel 2.55

  1. hey everyone!!!
    does anyone know how much a black chanel 2.55 bag is? and also if you can buy them straight out of the store or if they need to be ordered in!
    im really dying to get one and need to know the price asap!!!
  2. i think it will depend on what size you want and what leather.

    You can check the chanel reference thread with post your flaps, reissues etc I think there is a price list on one of the posts completed by swanky and smooth.

    Good Luck
  3. are you saying you want the price of the bag in the picture? I think the one in the picture is the jumbo size and I believe it is 2150. The medium is 1995. These prices will increase soon though. prob before sept. hope this helps
  4. The bag in the photo is the caviar jumbo and it is currently $2250. I just bought it in May. The lambskin is $2450 if Im not mistaken.
  5. The 2.55 is coming out again for fall in a few different sizes. I think they are around $2675. The bag in your picture is the jumbo classic and that one is around $2250.
  6. thanks so much guys you've been a great help! now all i need to do is see if my melbourne or sydney store stocks them and ill have my pretti bag :yahoo:
    thanks for the help!!