Chanel 2.55 With Pearl Supercute As Seen In Chanel Takashimaya,singapore

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  1. That is adorable...I love it!!!
  2. i couldnt find any infos about this in any websites.pls anyone email me:smile: THX THX i am a 15 yr old gal in indonesia
    nice to meet you all.
  3. is it leather??or satin?
  4. Sorry, I've never seen it before but it's adorable. How annoyed would you be if you lost a pearl though!!!!
  5. Cute bag.... sorry can't help you, hope other members have info..

    would love to have one of those blue bags tho...
  6. i know but really it is soooooooo adorable n super cute.
  7. ^LOL!
    I saw that in the Sg boutique too. It's pretty but pricey too, I can't remember how much exactly, maybe lady deluxe can help..
  8. is the display in chanel boutique singapore and chanel boutique in other countries same?i guess not becoz my friend who was in japan last week said that the display is not same

  9. the smaller one is even cuterrrr:smile: hahahaha oh i am soooo in love
  10. [​IMG]

    got it!5150 USD
  11. it costs 9k sing. almost 10k! :wtf::wtf: holy cow, did i mention it's in coated fabric? only the trims are in leather and the pearls are faux! :wtf: it's been there for quite a while and it's taking a long while to sell out. i guess the price just freaks me out. i can almost get a birkin with that amount!
  12. I saw it in Paris; it is fabric
  13. I believe I saw the tiny one in Rodeo Drive but this was a few weeks back :heart: