Chanel 2.55 reissue grey in medium

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  1. Is it impossible to find one now:huh: I've been searching for one and I can't seem to find it. How hard is it to find one.
    Can someone tell me. I would be grateful.
  2. I don't know what size it was exactly, but I saw a grey one at the Neiman Marcus in San Francisco this afternoon. It was lovely, though the chain seemed a bit long. It might have been a small one, but since I'm not familiar with the sizes, I can't say for sure. Might be worth giving them a call tomorrow to check??
  3. Ask your local Chanel boutique and order one. Want immediately, buy through ebay.
  4. Awhile ago I saw one at Saks in Greenwich, CT. Maybe it's still there.
  5. i believe Saks in Atlanta had one as of 3 days ago, might want to give them a call or ask your SA at Saks if they can find one floating around somewhere in the company.
  6. Thanks everyone..
    all the stores only have the large:sad2:
  7. you know the large is only like an inch bigger - right? maybe you should go into a store that has the large and try it out... you never know you might actually like it! :smile:
  8. I got the large (in black) and expected it to be huge. It's actually a decent size. Go try it on!
  9. Is medium the most popular size? It seems as though most people on the forum prefer the large?
  10. I have the large and it is not that large. The medium seemed too small and for a few dollars more the large was the way to go. the large seems to be the most popular. I don't think you can fit much in the medium and the small is like a clutch with a chain.
  11. Yeah.. I think if I were to buy it now, it would have to be the large since medium and small are ALL sold out.
    Has anyone tried both sizes.. medium and large? What do you think of the difference?
  12. Oh man. I saw one of my attendings carrying hers the other day...she's like 70 but was so chic in her Chanel suit and knee high patent leather boots. And her Gray 2.55 reissue.


    It's a f@cking awesome bag. I'm sorry. There are no words...this bag transcends all ages and generations.
  13. Try to call NM at the Galleria Houston. I saw it last week, I think they got medium in grey?? I hope it's not the small one, and large in white. Good luck! LOVE the reissue, I got the grey in large:biggrin: .
  14. call NM with a chanel boutique and have them call their buyer, they might be able to track one for you. try saks too. good luck.
  15. There is a medium size 2.55 chanel (authentic) on ebay. However, he wants more than what the bag costs. The seller goes by RJC. He had a listing called something like RJC Channel Aniversary Bag. I believed he had one gray medium and a few larges.