Chanel 2.55 Reissue Collection

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have this sudden urge to get some Reissues before the price increase, I have tried all the boutiques & Saks with no luck, haven't got the time to get all the NM tel. nos yet, but could someone please help me if you see one recently ????

    Thank you!!!!
  2. what exactly are you looking for (size, color, material)?
  3. i saw a medium/large one at Saks Fifth Ave, as well as a jumbo one
    also saw a small one at bloomingdales 59th nyc, as well as a jumbo one

    all of them are black and the SA told me they are reissue... not sure if they are what u r looking for tho...
  4. Oh! I didn't aware that the reissue collection is hard to get (I thought it's the same as Classic Flap, though) :p


    Ok... I just talked to my friend, she said her SA told her that "Saks got only 100 reissue bags and already sold out", is it true? :confused1:
  5. I am mainly looking for Black with Gold Chain, and the metallic Gold Reissues. I even called all the Asian stores, and none of them have 225 or 226. However, quite a few stores did have 227 (jumbo?) on the Black one.
  6. NM Beverly Hills has one of the Paris / Monte Carlo Pearl Reissues, It is black with gold hardware.

    310 550 5900
  7. im also after a reissue- either dark silver (bronze) or light silver in size 227 preferably im happy to have 1 bigger or 1 smaller.

    anyone seen any anywhere?


    its quite urgent!
  8. Thanks for the info! Do you by chance know the price of it ? THanks!
  9. I think the size 227 is really cool, But 226 is much more cute~
  10. The only reissue the Ala Moana boutique in Hawaii had was a super small metallic black reissue. I'm not sure if it was the 225 but it was tiny!!!
  11. ^hi. Can u give dimensions or take a pic? Do u remember the price? Do u have their #? Thanks a bunch!
  12. Try Bloomingdales in NY. I recently got a dark silver reissue 226.

    Have you called Bergdorf Goodman in NY?
  13. I also saw the tiny reissue at Chanel Ala Moana this past Saturday. According to the SA, it was the 224 size. (I'm trying to remember what color the hardware was but can only recall that it wasn't gold...) I was looking for a 226 or 227 so the SA did a computer search for me and told me there were no other reissues to be found within the boutiques.

    I guess I'll try to call Bloomingdales NYC next...Thanks!
  14. Ahh thanks! Yes it was REALLY tiny. I honestly can't remember the exact dimensions.

    I believe it was metallic black with silver h/w.

    I was also looking for the reissues but my SA couldn't find any either. :sad:
  15. It's probably the 224. I have it and love it, but not for every day. You can fit a small wallet, cell phone and lipstick. Soooo cute for going out!!!