chanel 2.55 red hardware color??

  1. hi...wondering if any fashionistas here could help..i'm thinking of buying a chanel 2.55 in red...does anyone know if the hardware comes in silver? thanks!!!
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  3. ~bump!!!!
  4. Are you referring to classics or reissues?
    Anyway red Classic Chanels this year would be in silver hardware I believe. For the past couple years Chanel has made almost all their seasonal color classics in silver hardware. Classics refers to all the small, med, large sizes and the single flap/east-west.

    The only ones in gold hardware are black, pink and beige as those are permanent colors.
  5. i also believe it comes with the silver hardware.
  6. yep - i've got the burgandy reissue and it has silver hardware.
  7. hmm...i'm not sure if the red that i'm looking at is a classic or reissue...but it's not as orangey as the one that daria models in the i correct to say, then, that any red chanel 2.55 (regardless of size) should only come in silver hardware n not gold ??

    thanks everyone!!