Chanel 2.55 re-issued, double C confused!

  1. Help! I'm a new fan of chanel, and I'm confused!

    I'm planning to order thru my sis who will visit Singapore this January 2007, I want the black chanel 2.55 in lambskin with gold chain (that can be worn across the shoulder) , with the double C lock. size 224 OR 225 (SMALL OR MEDIUM) IS THIS CORRECT??? :shame:

    I saw in some pics that the 2.55 has a different lock( small rectangular lock) not with the double C.

    I want to make sure that I give the right description of the bag i like....

    Also is better with silve chain or gold? :confused1:

    need all the help i can get. thanks so much!
  2. The 2.55 reissue has the rectangular lock, no double C's.
    I think the one with the double C lock is just called the classic flap.
    I prefer the silver hardware, but it's just a personal choice.
  3. Right the 2.55 reissues have the "mademoiselle" closure which is the rectangular turn-lock closure. Although to confuse the matter there have been classic flaps with mademoiselle closures released in the past. I digress, it sounds like you want the classic flap with the interlocking CC closure.
  4. yes you're correct. I want the classic flap with the CC closure. just have to decide now if I should get the silver or gold hardware, caviar or lambskin. hmmmm :shame: