Chanel 2.55 question?

  1. If a purse measures 10 x 6 x 3, is this the smallest size or the medium size? Thanks! :nuts:
  2. The sizes for the Reissue 2.55::smile:

    A302224: - The Baby 7.5 W x 5.75 H x 1.75 D inches

    A302225: - Small 9.75" x 7.06" x 2.16"

    A302226: - Medium 11" x 8" x 2.5"

    A302227: - Large 12.25" x 9.18" x 2.5"

    A302228: - The X-Large aka Jumbo 14.2" x 9.8" x 3"
  3. that's the classic flap with mademoiselle lock. it's a medium sized classic flap.
  4. If the bag in the picture is the one you are referring to you can tell by the code on the tag. You will see the number 224 or 225, etc. in the string of numbers.
  5. The reissues have a different chain and quilting to your bag. You have the classic flap with MM lock in medium size. The medium reissue is slightly larger than your bag.
  6. Sounds like the medium classic to me.
  7. that's definitely a medium. :biggrin: