chanel 2.55 or bowler bag?

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  1. Hi! I'm planning to get my first chanel this January. got tired of LVs and want something different. I like the black 2.55 chanel with gold chain however I find it small. Is there a bigger version of this kind? I also noticed that a lot of young hollywood stars are carrying the bowler bag.... help! :confused1:
  2. the classic flap comes in a jumbo, perhaps you saw the small size?
    which bowler are you referring to? there are quite a few bowlers- cambon, luxury ligne etc.
  3. im choosing between the flap and the bowler - luxury in lambskin. Im leaning towards the flap though... also need to know the size or dimensions of the jumbo flap... im petite and worried that the jumbo might look too big on me....
  4. There's a new bowler that I LOVE. You should check it out. It's from the Christmas line.
  5. Which bowler is this? :s Is there a newer/Christmas version of the bowler out for the Luxury Line? I'm thinking about the Lux bowler would definitely be interested in learning about the latest version if they did indeed just release one for Christmas(?).
  6. 2.55
  7. i love both, but i prefer the 2.55 classic flap just a liiiitttle bit more because it is just that-- a classic! whereas the bowler is more of a trendy piece.
  8. Jumpo Flap :heart:
  9. thanks everyone! im really a new fan of chanel.... is there a medium size of the 2.55? I did a little research and liked the 2.55 in black lambskin, with double strap in gold chain... all 2.55 now are reissues right?
  10. btw, can anyone tell me how much is the 2.55 in lambskin? small and medium? do i say small or is there a proper reference for the small (224)?
  11. The 2.55 for SURE!
  12. I agree. If this is your first Chanel you should def go with something classic (the 2.55)

  13. I agree with nightshade. The classic is a great bag.
  14. My vote is the 2.55 reissue, but the classic flap is nice too.
  15. thanks thanks for all the tips... i will definitely get the 2.55 re-issue in black lambskin... my hubby just came home from hawaii, they only have in gold. will try my luck to get one in HK, I hope they have in their boutique.... will keep you guys updated.