Chanel 2.55 - medium or large?

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  1. Just when I thought I have the perfect bag, I'm now having second thoughts on the size I bought. :sad2: I have the 2.55 in medium, and now I'm wondering if I should have got the large instead. I haven't even used it yet :amazed: because I wasn't sure. Seeing Star's and Noriko's 227s, I'm kinda liking that oversized look.

    Any thoughts? Your help and opinions would be greatly appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. I prefer the medium for the first Chanel, because it's more versatile. It goes easily from day to night.
  3. I like the oversized. It's edgier.
  4. What color would you like it in?
  5. I like the gray. The leather is distressed. Even the lock is kind of distressed. I was ogling it at NM's a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it.
  6. Go for the oversized, its chic !!!
  7. I have the large one and I love it. It give me the room to put the stuffs I needed to put in the bag.
  8. i tried on the large at chanel and i love the size! my friend said it was humongous but i the size was perfect. i definitely like the large!

    the only problem you think they still have the large??

    if you opted for the large...i would so buy the medium from you if i had the money! :biggrin:
  9. And I would sooo sell it to you too, Mariah! :biggrin:

    The store where I got this one actually had one large in stock; however, the manager stated that the bottom looked a little more "worn" because it was a display bag. So I called another store in San Fran, and believe it or not, the SA stated that she was getting one in from another store! She had transferred one for a client, but the client decided on the black 227 instead.

    This is definitely a sign! :lol: Thanks everyone for your input!
  10. it was meant to be!!

    hmm.. do you want to make an installment plan?? :lol: haha jk
  11. You crack me up! :lol:
  12. hehe it would never work, though lol. i have $1150 saved and my parents give me $100 a month...booo budgets!!

    oh, why does it have to be so pretty???:smile: