Chanel 2.55 fabric Vs leather- input please

  1. Does anyone have pics of a 2.55 (prefer a plain darker colour) in fabric.
    I really want a 2.55 but am having douts about leather (personal vegetarian reasons! :sad2: ) so am wondering the pros and cons of both

    Could of questions:
    Is the fabric as durable?
    Does it keep its shape?
    Any pics of the different fabric ones?

    I know the majority prefer leather, but can you share your thoughts on the fabric too...........

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. hello crystal :smile:

    I've got some Chanel fabric 2.55 and lambskin... I find that its easier to manage a fabric than lambskin..I'll post pics of the bags I own, one thing i wanted to point out to is that there can be leather interwined with the i dont know...;)

    hope this information helps...any further questions am glad to help

    the black bag is from the "ski" collection and that has material with the chain
  3. Wow I love ur first one!!!!
  4. Thanks for that. I love your first one. And I love yours too May3545
  5. Crystal, Chanel has some very nice nylon and fabric bags. Very stylish and trendy. However, you asked which is more durable leather or fabric and leather is, unfortunately, more durable. Fabric bags that I've had in the past tend to fade, tear, and loose their shape faster than leather. My nylon Prada shoulderbag has long since seen it's best day and I've only had it about two years and worn it on and off during that time. I have a little velvet Chanel that I treat like a baby because well, it's velvet...

    IMO if you are going to spend over $1,000 for a bag that you want to use almost daily, then I'd buy leather over fabric any day. If, however, this is a bag that you intend to use sporadically, then go for the fabric (the tweed one is DARLING).