Chanel 2.55 "Classic Flap"

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  1. everything and anything about this classic chanel (not reissue) -

    please post
    information on new colors and/or exotic materials,
    celebrity sightings,
    personal experiences...

  2. (S/S2006 accessories) -
    what is the color name of the orangy-pinkish classic flap bag?
  3. I like the large white classic flap in caviar :biggrin: I'd love to see it in ostrich!
  4. white caviar medium
    camel caviar large


    Attached Files:

  5. :huh:
  6. [​IMG]

    white (or offwhite?) straw medium
    (photo: ebay)
  7. [​IMG]
    1) printed straw flap medium

    2) black caviar medium

    3) navy caviar large

    (photos: ebay)
  8. I really want a pink lambskin or caviar 2.55.

    Are these your bags you're selling on Ebay?
  9. [​IMG]
    1) tweed medium

    2) "coco pop" satin medium

    3) tweed medium

    (photos: ebay)
  10. unfortunately, these are not my bags :sad:
    and i am not selling in ebay.

    i just LOVE :love: looking at pictures of the flap bag and i just wanted to share these photos with all the chanel classic flap lovers in this forum. :biggrin:
  11. Thank you for sharing, Constance, the 2.55 is among my favorite bags!

    You seem to be an expert on the 2.55! Do you have any tips on how to spot fakes? Are all the ones you posted real? Thanks, just always trying to train my eye!
  12. [​IMG]
    1) burgundy satin flap (small??) - photo: ebay

    2) light blue medium (is it lambskin or caviar?)
  13. expert??? not at all!
    i HOPE they are all real - but i am not sure at all!

    maybe the experts in this forum can help us. :P

    i just LOVE LOVE this classic style! :love:
  14. Do you own a lot of 2.55's, Constance?

    Sorry, I totally hope I don't sound like I'm interrogating you because that's NOT my intent! I'm just really curious because you love these bags so much! I love them too! I want all the ones you posted!
  15. The tweeds are probably my least favorite. That plum-colored satin is to DIE FOR! But imagine how delicate the fabric is, I just know my fingernails would snag it or something!
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