Chanel 2.55 - Black?

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  1. Hello.

    I'm new to Chanel... Thinking about Chanel 2.55 in black... Are they always sold out? Is eBay the only place to buy that's lower than boutique price? Totally against fakes...

    Thanks! :tender:
  2. Hi everyone :smile: ,

    I'm new here, love this forum and your advice. just wondering what's the difference between 2.55 and the classic flap or are they the same?

  3. bella to look out for real chanels on ebay the bag should come with a authentic/controller card with a serial number on it and this number should be the same as the serial number on the tag inside the bag itself.
    each chanel bag has its own unique number.

    i personally do not think black 2.55 is always sold out in stores. i got mine on my first visit to chanel straight away. however, i must say through my own experience there are no two boutiques have the same products/collection, unlike LV. i also find chanel boutiques do not have a full collection of their products.
  4. Hi again, i'm back

    Please just ignore my previous post, I found the explanation in some previous posts about 2.55 and classic flap

    I agree with Kaka28, seems to me very difficult to trust what you will get from e-bay, but I hope the one you are interested in are authentic and what you are looking for,

    bye for now