Chanel 2.55 black Patent 226 or Cartier watch

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  1. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: !!!!
  2. That's hysterical!

    I think that it is wonderful when man can make a decision for a special occasion and give you something like that watch. Cartier is timeless... I would go for the watch too!
  3. Hot DAMN I love that watch!:P
  4. Go for watch... it'll be a romantic anniversary present; & it'll be perfect for your chanel later :smile:
  5. My first Chanel will have to wait!
  6. You will love the watch. I have a Cartier stainless Panther. I wear it everyday and love it. By the way, when it is time for you to get a new battery do not let them talk you into the "mandatory tune up service". This is a $500 service that a Cartier employee, who was sufficiently intoxicated, told me is "a big scam".
  7. I have a Tank Francaise... it's a classic. You won't be sorry. :smile:
  8. Tank is a classic and timeless watch, your husband made a great choice. It will be perfect with your 1st classic and timeless Chanel bag in the future. =)
  9. get the watch. i saw the patent chanels at saks and the leather is gross, it feels like pvc. and looks like a garbage bag.
  10. The Cartier watch is definitely the way to go IMO. It is a great timepiece and is very thoughtful of your DH to take the initiative. You can always get a Chanel down the road.
  11. That watch is gorgeous!
  12. LOVE it! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    The watch is stunning!
  13. That sound exactly like my story of the last couple of weeks because I couldn't make up my mind between the reissue in black with the silver chain or a cartier watch. I really lost sleep over this.DH didn't like the bag at all, he thinks it looks to much like a granny's purse and I voted for the watch and at the end of the day I ended up getting the watch because I just had a really cheap Esprit watch but all those nice designer bags. I'm really happy now with my choice because I'll may be buy the Chanel bag later next year. I got the Tank solo with the alligator leather and I just love it.
    Go for the watch and buy the bag later.
  14. Yayyyy nice watch!
  15. Irishgal, that's funny. Maybe next anniversary point out to your DH what you really want.:lecture:

    I say the watch, it would be more sentimental.