Chanel 2.55 black Patent 226 or Cartier watch


Mar 7, 2006
Hello Everyone,

Firstly I wasn't sure where I should post this question so if I've posted wrongly, would one of the mods move it? Thank you.

It's my 5th anniversary coming up and in the past I've just gone out and picked out my own gift - I know it seems so unromantic, but I am so particular and if I left it to my DH it might be a disaster. Anyway being a bag whore, it is usually some kind of bag and this time I was thinking of the reissue black patent 226, I believe it retails for $2195. Anyway my :heart: husband :heart: has decided to surprise me this time (he told my best friend and she told me as Cartier has a store credit policy and she knows how ANAL I can be) with a small stainless steel Cartier Ladies Tank Francaise, which is really thoughtful of him. It is a really lovely watch but I've been so fixated by the Chanel bag.....what should I do? Am I being a silly ass? My watch at the moment is a mid-end Gucci which I bought ages ago, nothing to shout home about.

BTW I cannot have both! But I'd appreciate your opinions!

Thank you in advance!
it depends on u, what do u think u really need?? watch?Bag?

since u havent got a new watch for quite so long, i'd say go for a watch :flowers: 2nd option is patent reissue
I think you should keep the watch because it is something your hubby picked out and thus has sentimental value - it sounds like you already have lots of bags but not too many nice watches. JMO...ultimately you need to decide which you'll treasure more in the next 10 years and which you'll use more. Either way you win :smile:
i'd go with the watch. you can get a bag anytime, but the fact that your hubby's done some research re: the watch (soo sweet!) + the fact that you don't own a cartier timepiece (forgive me if my assumption is wrong lol) yet means you should get the watch! =) I think as an anniversary present, that'd be more special. heh!
Since it is an anniversary gift and your husband picked it out himself, I'd say go with the watch. After all it is a Cartier not a Timex--LOL Some husbands wouldn't know the difference :smile:
OH MY GOD! :wtf: That is the EXACT watch that I am holding out for for my 10th anniversary! I love Chanel and I am dying for a Chanel purse but that watch is my personal HOLY GRAIL. ARRRHH! Jealousy........:P :heart:
I vote for the watch. I have that style in medium, and have worn it every day for 8 years. I still love it; it will never go out of style. I've looked at others but have never made the change!
Thanks so much everyone for taking the time out to responde! You confirmed what I was feeling deep down - it is really sweet and lovely of him to take the initiative and it does mark the occassion like loveone7 said. He has never tried to get me a present before without my 'instructions' (which sounds so clinical!;) ) as it were so I am touched kitty nyc. Nightshade, I don't have anything like a Cartier watch, not even close and PennyD2911, he does have good taste. Pursedoc, you're right, it is the sort of watch that is classic and timeless. whistlerchic here's hoping you receive one too!! The fact is I do like the watch and he managed to get a gift that I will use and is beautiful in one swoop. bag.lover thank you for answering. And Chloe I do have so many bags

The picture is from, I hope it is okay that I used it Swanky.

I knew I could count on the PF girls, what would I do otherwise.....I'd go completely :nuts: :nuts:!!!!


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*swoon* i absolutely love the small tank... i've wanted one myself for a long time, and would definitely go for that. esp since he was sweet enough to think of this gift on his own...
plus, you can wear the watch all the time whereas some might say the patent bag is a bit dressier so you might not get as much wear for it.