Chanel 19s iridescent pink WOC CC logo differences

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  1. I’m new to Chanel and I’ve recently purchased a Chanel 19s pink iridescent WOC with the mop CC logo made in Italy. Does the 19s pink WOC also come with a gold CC logo? I’ve seen these for sale on eBay. Also, is it caviar leather or grained lambskin?
  2. The Pearl logo is grained lambskin. The regular light gold CC logo is grained calfskin (caviar). There were both these Pinks for 19S. The pearl logo only came in WOC & SLG's. The other was in Classic flaps as well as WOC & SLGS.
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  3. I really wished that they made the classic flap with the MOP logo. I saw the WOC in a blue iridescent and it was really nice color and played well with the MOP logo. However, I wish they had the same color combination in a classic flap. Why did Chanel only make these MOP in WOC and SLG and not the classic flaps?
  4. are either of the leathers a different tint of pink?
  5. Would u mind sharing the code for your woc? Thanks:smile:
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