Chanel 19 vs YSL Niki?

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  1. I got the new St. Laurent Niki medium in black lambskin yesterday and I love it as an everyday bag but I may hold out for a Chanel 19. I am on a wait list for the 19 in small. Any thoughts between the two bags? I usually dress pretty casually every day. I have small kids who I tote around town and mostly work from home though I would want to wear the bag when I do go to the office. Cross body option is a must for me.
  2. Chanel!!!! Not a fan of the ysl Niki. For some reason I feel like it's a bit dated
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  3. Chanel.
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  4. Chanel
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  5. I have the Niki and I have had it for 2 years. It is one of my most used bags! I love it as it is a worry free bag and not heavy at all. I would rather buy the classic Chanel bags and mix in trendy bags from other fashion houses. I haven't personally seen the 19, but it looks a bit dressier than the Niki. Good luck can't go wrong with either bag!
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  6. I have the Niki and I love it!! I love the vintage rocker vibe the purse has. The Chanel 19 is nice though too, a little more dressy.
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  7. my casual and cool everyday „don’t think about it“ bag is the niki in vintage leather.
    in my opinion it’s the more worry free choice.
    I still regret not buying the small beige houndstooth 19 when I had the chance, but that wouldn’t have kept me from getting a niki..
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  8. Love my Chanel 19 bag. Find myself using it almost daily.
  9. It depends on your lifestyle and purpose. I usually prefer Chanel, and Chanel bags dominate my collection. However, I purchased my Niki at a fabulous price point...300 off at Saks, ******, applied Saks points and it turned out to be one of my best purchases because it is so different than any of my other bags. I love that I can take it to concerts, sporting events, park, kids activities, work and it does not show any wear! I have the black on black. The Chanel 19 is gorgeous, but much more expensive and less occasions to wear it, at least in my life. Both are wonderful bags and whatever choice you make will be a good one
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  10. As others have said, I use my Niki as a throw around, all weather (rain & snow) bag (and it is holding like a champ). I would not do that with the 19. The Niki is also quite understated (because of the color on color logo, plus I have the all black), while the 19 is a statement bag. So, even though I see the similarities in terms of size, shape and so, they are quite different bags and it would depend on what use you are thinking of...
  11. I have the Niki in grey and I love how worry free it is to wear it. That being said I’m still on the wait list for the 19 - it’s just such a beautiful bag.
    If you’re looking for more of the 19 look without spending as much, the YSL Loulou puffer has very similar vibes!
  12. I wear Chanel 19 as my every day bag. It is both beautiful and practical for me. I don’t baby my bags and it’s holding up nicely. This is a bag you must see in person to get why we’re going nuts for them.
  13. Niki. There are so many better Chanels outthere.
  14. Do you have a pic of the YSL for those of us who are not familiar?