Chanel 19 or Diana?

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  1. I’m torn between the two and would like some input as to what would be the better buy. The 19 could be a new classic, but the Diana has really increased in price on the resale market—leading me to believe it’s becoming a sought-after bag. I’m obsessed with both, but also want to make the best investment.
  2. These are two completely different bags, as you surely know. The Diana is more traditional and refined, and the 19 more edgy and casual. What aesthetic are you seeking? Both are gorgeous. I have a 19 but not a Diana.
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  3. Yeah, they definitely are very different styles, which is maybe why I’m so torn. My handbag collection is like my perfume collection—all over the place and dependent on my mood and what I’m wearing. So realistically, I would easily use either.

    Do you like/love your 19? How do you think it will hold up over time? Also, did you go goatskin or lambskin?
  4. Do you have any other Chanel bags in your collection?

    I have the 19 and my friend has he Diana. If you have any classic flaps then I would say go for the 19!
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  5. The vintage Diana should be up to $2500 and the 19 is close/over $6. The better buy costs less. :smile: The 19 has no track record and wouldn't be a classic for 5-10 years. It's all hype and early adopters right now and a bag needs a lot of time to prove itself. They released a slightly newer version of the Diana a few years ago. I would avoid the older ones/vintage ones and seek out the newer Diana release. So you get the proven model with the lower price but still not as old as vintage ones.
  6. First of all, try not to get to hung up on the "investment" angle. Buy what you love. I absolutely love the 19, and the fact that I was drawn to it was surprising to me. Mine is goatskin, and though a lot is being made of the difference between lamb and goat with this bag, I honestly don't see it. It's really a great bag, but it's not exactly understated. The Diana is beautiful. I don't think you can go wrong either way. Do you currently own any Chanel bags?
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  7. I'm not a fan of the chanel is just too casual for my taste. I have a vintage Diana (actually it is my mom's and purchased in the 90's). It looks almost brand new and so timeless...
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  8. Love my 19. Easiest bag and most versatile bag in my opinion.
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  9. +1 on not getting caught up with the “investment/timeless/classic”. Buy what you love and what works for you!
    Diana, to me, looks dated. I don’t have it. My mum still has hers.
    I just got the 19 flap in small a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how luxurious and spacious it is. My only gripe is the fabric interior but I could live with that.
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  10. I don’t own both bags but I tried them on before. As mentioned above, it’s really up to you to decide which style you want to go for. Diana’s are super elegant and can be rather delicate (considering they will be more than 20 years old now), so it’s definitely not a good idea to overstuffed it with heavy things. However, if you are able to get hold of a good condition vintage, the lambskin is very soft and supple.
    Two of my friends recently got the Chanel 19 and I played with them for quite a while. I don’t like how goatskin feels as it does feel plasticky at times. (I like the lambskin ones tho) However, it’s a more casual style and lightweight. It can pack a ton too! People keep saying it’s going to be in the classic line because it’s the Karl’s last bag for Chanel. I don’t buy it though. Frankly speaking I don’t think it will look very nice after heavy use of 10 years or so because of its slouchiness. Nevertheless, it will be a bag that sparks joy for the years that you can use it.
    I love both bags but I feel like getting a diana more because I just love how it feels in the hand! I also not a fan of the bulky chains on the 19. But again, this is just up to my personal preference.
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  11. I have a vintage Diana and have been lusting over the 19 - so I’m probably no help haha. I will say the Diana doesn’t hold a lot (mine is in the small size and is more comparable to a mini flap) whereas the 19 is more a grab and go bag and seems pretty big in terms of capacity. So it really depends on what you’ll get more use of - a smaller, more delicate but classic bag like the Diana or a bigger, more casual and more carefree/trendy bag like the 19? Both beautiful bags, either way!