Chanel 19 Cruise Collection Tiffany Blue

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  1. When i first saw this 19C Tiffany Blue in IG, i feel the colour is soooo pretty, but i only saw mini rectangular and mini square in lambskin in IG, and classic flap and boy in diamond quilted in caviar... i never thought there is a smooth calfskin available for Boy in Chervon, which is the exact combo i want for a small boy!!! and i really saw it in the display window in the Chanel boutique!!! Love Love Love it! and i immediately ran into the shop and asked the SA for any stock, and he said it has just came a few stock and they took out for me to see, and it's wrapped in a few wrapping papers, feeling like it's still put inside their warehouse!!!
    The bag is so pretty and i cannot let it go at all after trying !!! I am so happy to get this exact combo i want - Boy, Chervon, Smooth Calfskin, Antique gold hardware ~~~ I also bought this boy as a push gift as my baby boy is coming~
    5c2f4cb1-706a-4d96-bca4-382d1036c4a7.jpg e64085e7-a77d-444e-9b28-4656e117acb5.jpg fullsizeoutput_3f00.jpeg IMG_7173.JPG IMG_7174.JPG IMG_7265.JPG
  2. Wow so pretty on you! Congrats!! It suits you well!
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  3. So pretty! It looks great on you. What a perfect present to celebrate the birth of your baby boy. :smile:
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  4. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby! What a beautiful blue Boy to celebrate! It looks lovely on you!
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  5. It is beautiful!! Congrats on your baby and your bag!!
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  6. Random question but what sunglasses are those?
  7. This is taken from Chanel display window which attracts me to get in. And the sunglasses is Chanel accessories
  8. Very pretty indeed :heart: Congratulations on the bag and on the baby boy on the way!! :flowers:
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  9. Thanks I think this Tiffany blue is very good colour to match with spring summer outfits
  10. Congrats on the tiffany blue boy, this is gorgeous and beautiful! :heart:
    Saw you trying the boy bag with your urban companion too, both are lovely :biggrin:
  11. Thx! Yes yes! I love my black urban companion too! It’s so durable and in good size which can carry a lot!
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  12. Love the color.. Congrats!!
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  13. Also forgot to mention, this bag is “Made in France” which is quite rare and is a bonus IMG_7269.jpg
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  14. colour is to tdf
  15. What is tdf