chanel 1503 eyeglasses-anyone have em?

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  1. im considering getting the chanel 1503 eyeglasses, but want to see if anyone has them? i wanna see them on a persons face :smile::upsidedown: so if anyone can post some pics that would be so great and helpful!! :heart::tup:


    by the way heres a couple pics of the ones im talking about...

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  2. Don't have them, but they look real cute to me!
  3. i think so too :heart::P i decided to go ahead and order them. i can get a refund if i dont like them, so what the heck :smile: ill post some pix once i get them :supacool:
  4. That's great, can't wait to see your pictures!
  5. They are so cute, I can't wait to see your pictures!
  6. i got them today, and i dont think im going to keep them :s they are really cute but i just dont think i look very good with this kind of frame :P ill post some pix monday (sorry cant do it sooner, a lil busy :smile: ).... hmmm.... :nogood:
  7. Aw, that's a shame. That's why it's always best to try them out first, it's always hard to tell from pictures if eyeglasses or sunglasses will suit you or not.

    Can't wait to see your pics though!
  8. u r so right! im so impatient :P i can never wait to go see something in person... i see it and i want it and i buy it :upsidedown: not the best way to shop :graucho:

    and of course i was going to take a couple pix and post them, but the batteries in my camera are dead! so ill post some tomorrow b4 i send them back :rolleyes: sheesh :nogood::Push:;)
  9. Those are so cute!
  10. ok, so heres some pix :smile: excuse the poor quality/darkness, i took em a bit quick :P im not ready for a full face pic :upsidedown: :shame: , but u get the idea of how the glasses look... unfortunately i dont think they suit my face :hrmm:. really cute tho.... :heart:

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  11. Thanks for the modeling pics. The frames are cute, but from the side angle, they don't look as great. You are totally right.
  12. ya, theyre cute, but definitely not 4 me! :rolleyes::smile: