Chanel 12A red flap owners- can anybody tell me how is the dustbag?

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  1. I am ready to buy my dream 12a red flap through a consignment store, and it has a black dustbag/white lettering. The seller claims this is the one it came in. It's made in Italy

    Aren't all classics sold with white dustbags? My 2012 reissue had the white one. Also the box is lined in white tissue paper, my reissue was black tissue paper.

    About the dustbag, I've noticed in the Chanel boutique they store the bags in these black dustbags (even the classics) but then they give you one of the other ones when they package it nicely in the box.

    On all accounts, the bag is/smells absolutely authentic so this is throwing me off a bit. I have checked it thoroughly in person, it smells exactly like the flaps i have even etc.

  2. Did you get it from Fashionphile?
  3. Heya

    Nope, i've found it in person in a consignment store. Which is great cause I am able to check it in my own hands
  4. Yes, flaps usually come with white dustbags, and the box is lined with black paper. However, I have found that people often switch out boxes, and dustbags when rotating bags around from day to day. I sold one to Fashionphile (12A), and I had it in a black dust bag with white lettering. I could not find my "original" white dustbag, and to be honest with you, I don't remember what it came in as that was almost 4 years ago. I also have put one of my m/l classic flaps in a smaller Chanel boot box, bc all they had at the time was bigger Maxi boxes, and it was taking up too much room. Anyway, I would not worry about it too much as long as the bag looks authentic with card etc.. I wonder if you got mine!!! I miss it! Enjoy!! It's such a fabulous bag!! XX
  5. More information: Apparently the seller bought it from a consignment store herself!
  6. Mine came with the iconic Chanel packaging for all classic flaps and reissues like how your reissue came in.

  7. Aaah haha! Well that makes me more confident about it. I guess from reselling, people may store them in other bags
  8. I agree 100% with JE, the contents it comes with doesn't matter, enjoy your gorgeous bag:smile:
  9. Yes, I find this particularly prevalent with Hermes Birkins and Kelly's, because people do not want to give up the orange box, because they are harder to come by. I cannot wait to see it!! Please post pics!
  10. I believe this was the first season classic flaps came with white dust bags and magnetic black boxes. However, like others have said, many want to keep these items to use on their other bags so they switch them out. I rarely have consigned with the box as it makes the box you have to find to send it in huge!

  11. Same here, CATEYES!!
  12. My girl JE2824 is correct. A lot of people swap out when they sell to keep the nicer dust bag or box. Or it's mixed up with another bag and they just put what they have on hand with it.

    I am a freak however and everything stays together, and If I do happen to sell something, all original set goes with it.

    Have you bag authenticated to be safe, but it's probably fine. :smile:
  13. Oddly, a 12A red caviar jumbo just popped up about 10 min ago on Fashionphile and it comes with black dust bag and magnetic box.
  14. I just saw that. I think that is mine ;).
  15. Wow it's nice!! 💋❤️ You consigning because you have m/l and jumbo is too redundant or why? I have been going back and forth whether or not to consign my red caviar jumbo in favor for m/l but I never see them for resale. Doesn't seem like Chanel will release good color of red caviar in m/l anytime soon 😒