Chanel 12A Jumbo


Jan 16, 2011
Sydney, Australia
Hi everyone,

I have a silly dilemma! [emoji28]

I had a baby last year and am deciding how I feel about my bags. For the past two years I haven't touched my red jumbo. I used to love it and used it a few times a year but since then, she's been sadly sitting in her box. I think I've had her since 2013/14.

I feel like if I sell her, I'll miss her because it's the "best red Chanel ever made" but apart of me would rather buy another Rolex that I can wear most days and will probably last longer than a bag. And on the plus side, a Rolex can be passed down to my daughter in 15-20 years haha

I've attached a photo. Excuse the mess, I was airing my bags that day lol IMG_1496123580.661183.jpg

Help! [emoji24] Thanks!
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Apr 19, 2008
I had the same dilemma after I had my first baby about my jumbo. In the end, I couldn't let it go. It doesn't suit my lifestyle (even more so now after 2 kids) but that's not to say when they grow up and no longer needing to be carried, my life style will change again and I will use the bag again. Also if I regret later, it will be harder to repurchase it (esp with ever increasing prices!) I plan on passing the bags down to my daughter in the future. So right now it's sitting in the drawer but I'm happy with that.


Nov 3, 2016
I would sell and buy something you would use now... you might miss it but if you haven't used it in 2 years it's probably time to sell!


Jun 10, 2017
The bag can also be passed down to your daughter in the future. I was soooo happy to get a vintage chanel from my mom!
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