Chanel 12A Fall 2012 Info

  1. Yeah, it looks a bit too east west, but need to try it on before deciding. The small flap looks very proportional in comparison.

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    I finally saw the 12A dark blue aged calf reissue irl. The color is very pretty!! It is definitely navy with a hint of purple. The prune aged calf reissue has also shipped as well.
  3. According to the reference library, the double flap classic maxi is measured at 13"X9"x4". So this is like a shortened version of the maxi. :girlsigh:
  4. Where did you see it? I feel like I have been waiting for these two colors forever and they are still not at my NM! I need to compare them both to my dark navy reissue to determine if they are different enough. On my computer screen, the Fall plum looks very similar in tone to my dark blue reissue which is also close to black. If they are too close to my current bags, I may get the Spring metallic purple. I need to pick one so I hope the decision is clear when I finally get to see them IRL!
  5. Interesting. This is definitely one I will have to try on to decide. I am on the list at NM for the red and grey in the larger size. If I do not like them, I am getting the medium in black.
  6. This color is gorgeous, but I would be afraid of maintenance.
  7. I saw the dark navy at Bloomingdales, but in a 226.
    The dark blue for fall is definitely lighter than your dark navy reissue, which is close to black. It may still be too similar for you to own both, IMO only, since they are in the same family. But I really like the dark blue...if I didn't already have another blue reissue. The prune, however, is darker but definitely not black. You can definitely tell that it's purple but a darker purple. I saw the spring metallic purple too. That's the color that keeps coming back to taunt me. Sometimes it takes me a season or two to decide on what I want/like. :smile:

  8. Yeah, I wish they had kept the jumbo length vs. width proportion the same as the medium. But I'm not ruling it out just yet.

    the lilac is so pretty but I would be afraid to get it dirty much as I like lambskin, this maybe too light of a color to feel worry free while wearing one.
  9. I wish the proportions were 'normal' jumbo size too. But let's see it IRL first, it may not look bad :sad:
    Although just visualizing proportions with chevron stripes makes it feel odd somehow...I hope it does not look more like a clutch on a chain but thicker!
  10. The lilac is very pretty! Love it!
  11. I don't like the proportions of the large flap!! The height is almost half the width..
  12. Bluekit I agree that although the color is gorgeous, it would be another very special occasion bag, and as tempted as I was, I DO NOT need a additional special events flap! The m/l had me going for a while though.
    I so understand about needing a season to decide about choices. I am myself still stuck on the few left that I did not buy from spring :smile:
    This purple reissue sounds pretty... It's called prune, is it anything like the 12A burgundy or distinctly purple? I like the spring metallic purple too and love the metallic black!
  13. Thanks! I am planning on bringing the dark blue with me when the bags finally arrive at NM. I am leaning towards purple over blue just because I have the dark blue reissue and a navy Jumbo already. I have no purple in my collection. I went to try on the Spring metallic purple last week and liked it more than I remembered! If I don't like either of the Fall colors, the metallic purple 226 will be my "last" classic (I hope since I have eaten my words before).
  14. Bluekit, I am thinking to sell the spring reissue purple since I purchased too many bags recently. I feel hesitate to sell it but I have no choice. If you can choose only one between e/w purple caviar 06 and 12P reissue purple 226. Which one? sigh.
  15. This is great work/study bag for me, I can stuff some of my legal papers :smile: