Chanel 08P hairband and Black J12 33mm

  1. Soo yah...this shopaholic thing can start becoming a major problem but actually a lot of the loot ive compiled lately has been from family gifts and its not really as bad as it seems!!

    Heres a Chanel 08P hairband...very cute and chic!



  2. DSC01880.JPG


    This isnt a proper showing for the J12 but I have a white one already so these pics of its black little brother will have to do for now :angel:

    I really love how the black one can be so dressy and its not just plain shiney and irridescent in some lighting almost!!:heart:
  3. Love the headband, very chic!
  4. Love the new accessories! I'm contemplating getting the headband but got the hair clips instead. Is the headband comfy?
  5. Is it available already?! I only saw it in the catalog at NM, but they don't have it yet. How comfy is it? Does it squeeze too hard? I want one.
  6. its relatively comfy...i was wearing it today and i usually get headaches from some headbands but it seems ok to me
  7. yes, you can call Saks Beverly Hills and ask for Gail =)
  8. DSC01874.JPG

    Heres the style number info from the box

    It was 195 USD
  9. you have such gr8t taste calisnoopy ~ always :heart: seeing your new purchases! ~ the hairband is gorgeous!
  10. Stop it now Cory, the hairband is too cute and the J12 of course is stunning. Congratulations, but please let this be it, I can't take anymore :wtf:

    By the way, have you been shopping for a week non stop? :nuts:
  11. Thanks Calisnoopy. You rock!
  12. Oh that headband is TDF!!! I hope it will still be available when I go home next !
  13. i adoreeee your hairband it's just SO cute!
  14. love the hairband.. very cute!! love the j12 as always
  15. yay I just bought a headband!! Thanx for sharing.:smile: