Chanel '08 Cruise Trunk Show Singapore

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  1. hello ladies!

    it's the trunk show tomorrow for Cruise Collection here in Singapore and i was wondering if anyone from tPF will be going? we could do an 'accidental' meet up! PM me sil vous plait! ;) i received the invite last week and Aurora my chat buddy is going with me! i can't wait, hope it'll be good although i know what's in for Cruise lol.

    and i almost forgot - the ice cube flap bag is already in, for those who are interested, have a look tomorrow! it's priced around 2.9k if i remember correctly. i'll be dropping by the boutique tomorrow before the show, hopefully the goodies are still there for me to catch a glimpse of :graucho:

    i hope i won't look shabby for the trunk show tomorrow, heard from my SA that there will be 'celebs' (haha our local ones :Push:smile: attending the show and probably socialites as well. i'll be bringing my navy patent jumbo with me b/c i am presuming there will be many reissues and i wanna be 'special'! LOL. what do you think? the good news is that i now have a matching diamond watch with navy croc belt to match my bag. diamonds and Chanel are truly my best friends! :love:

    oh yes, i won't forget to post pics! hopefully i'll be able to get some nice shots tomorrow!
  2. LOL girl aren't you on a bag ban? Ah, don't worry, I said that too right before I got all of my November goodies haha! Glad to see I'm not the only one obsessed with Chanel. I have yet to go to a trunk show since I couldn't make the last one. Do post pics if you can!
  3. I'm excited too! missisa why aren't you in bed? No school tomorrow? Hehe
  4. lol it's 4 AM here. I was up late talking to someone on AIM lol. Man I'm so nocturnal sometimes.

    BTW, lady deluxe, how are you liking your navy jumbo? I'm thinking of getting the black patent one next week.. I have yet to even see it IRL!!! I really have to shut down my comp now, but I'll read your reply later today!
  5. ^ hey babe! i am LOVING my navy jumbo!! am i bringing you over to the dark side? :graucho: didn't you say you were on a bag ban until spring too? ;) lol, i'm just gonna have a peek at the bags tomorrow! no buying, i promise! i'll be getting a pair of loubs so definitely no bags for me :Push: is your mom okay with the patent jumbo? acks, i'm a sucker for patent.. so if i were you, i'd rather get one now at pre-increase price. i don't think the price has increased for the patent jumbo? correct me if i'm wrong!
  6. Wow.. I am excited for u guys.. So tell me.. what are u guys targeting for? Melrose? Ice cube? Hollywood? Btw plis give us some info like the stocks and prices he..he... Thanks gals.
  7. ^ nope! i'm cruisin' through Cruise, sadly! i thought the hollywood collection was hot at first glance, but the more i see it the more i don't feel it anymore. i'm hoping to get accessories from cruise, otherwise i'll just wait until spring ;)
  8. Check out the Melrose Gradient Flap. You are going to love it. I've bought it last week and have been wearing it everyday and I love it.


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  9. ^ yep, i've seen it. it's fab but too bad it's not in leather! :Push: i am not a fan of vinyl/plastic, i got rid of my vinyl cabas! the melrose has been sold out completely here last friday when it launched, madness!
  10. Same in Hong Kong. I've bought my Melrose Flap at the private shopping session and it was all sold out on the first day it was launched. But my SA told me that there will be a second shipment coming soon.

  11. what colors does this come in? any pictures to share?
  12. Shopgirl BB: Hi I'm a newbie here and also live in HK. Is there any local SA that you can recommend?

    Ladydeluxe: I've seen your "babies" from other threads, they are all sooooo nice, especially the Navy Patent Jumbo. Unfortunately, there is no luck in tracking this bag so far!!! :crybaby:
  13. oh my god! the peep toe patent heels are so hot! and i got a door gift which is a 6 color eye and lip S/S palette! woooopeee! photos will be coming up!
  14. Saw in at the trunk show in HK last week too! So which color do you like? The coral or the black?

  15. ^ coral! but my SA told me they were sold out already, there's a long wait list for them. urghhh i only have the slot for the beige patent, seriously, i'm getting pretty sick of shopping here! it's just too limited!