Chanel 08 Cruise colorful Accessory

  1. I am very interested in the cruise necklace as they are very young and eye catching. However I am not sure if they are over priced. For the big CC short neckace with string is USD$670. And for the colorful long strand neckace (the 3rd photo) and I believe they are plastic is $1990??? :sweatdrop:
    I need your opinion please.
    se13111007_big.jpg chanel red necklace 3.jpg chanel red necklace2.jpg chanel red necklace.jpg 7176228.jpg
  2. I honestly dont really like them that much and the price is really offputting. I think that is why I have yet to purcahse Chanel costume jewllery. I prefer the Chanel pearl neclace with cc- which many members have posted here on the accessories thread.
  3. No offense, but I sometimes think Karl is just laughing at us -- what we will buy and the prices we will pay.
  4. i saw and tried on the large CC necklace but it was black..and gawdy. i put it on for giggles...
    my sa and i contemplated where i could use it...and came up with a hood ornament on my car..which would be equally as laughable.
    the price is very insane. i suppose the necklace is unique that is for sure.
  5. not for me ~ but i think the big chunkier pieces are cute & fun for the younger chanel fans! :jammin:
  6. i like em both but am not willing to pay the price.
  7. not my cup of tea either - I have to say the models rock them very well but I just don't see us "normal folk" sporting them around town.

    Prices for the costume pieces are ridiculous!
  8. Thank you for your opinions. I think I will pass it this time then. Yes, you gals are right, they are not worth it. I would rather save the money for something else. Thanks. :heart:
  9. no, not for me aether.
  10. Hmm, I guess it's a cool can't miss it even if you're in the back row runway piece, but not my cup of tea. :smile: Also, wow, the price is definitely beyond crazy IMO! :wtf: I'd rather put that towards a flap! :love:
  11. ^I'd rather buy another bag, too!
  12. its cute. i saw it at Neiman Marcus but i dont think i would ever wear it!
  13. Nice, but my money will go to bags :smile: