Chanel 04C Pink tweed coat

  1. Sooo...Ive had this jacket since 2004 when I got it on sale at Saks. I remember seeing it at regular price and just not being able to justify the full price which was about 5000 or near that much at the time.

    Its the first Chanel RTW piece Ive ever bought and I had it shortened a little to fit my frame since I'm only 5'0 105lbs.

    Unfortunately--I dont know if its too "flashy" to wear around. I think Ive only worn it out once...

    What do you girls think of this coat?

    The only pics I could find online are these:


    Jacket on the far left



    Do you think its a piece that you would keep or have bought? I sometimes wish it was the shorter blazer version since it looks less "blingy."

    I usually dress however I feel--I never really cared about colors for certain seasons or time of the year or if I felt like it, Id wear my chanel bag to go grocery shopping etc. I just didnt know if this coat is too over the top....

    Any advice would be great :smile:

  2. No I don't htink it's over the top - it's stunning actually!
  3. I think it a great coat that could be worn casual or dressy. The only thing I would do would be to go simple on the accessories.
  4. I like it, but would prefer it in black!
  5. I, too, have a fantasy tweed coat that I purchased last year. It was on sale from $7K to $1700. I can hardly wait to wear it. My first thought re your query was perhaps you'd get more wear if it were a jacket. But negate that because you can wear whatever you want under the coat. Your coat is very beautiful, so wear it and enjoy it. (As an aside, a young man lost both his parents within a year of each due to cancer. His mom had a full length mink coat and he asked me if I wanted to borrow it for the winter. I borrowed the coat, of course, and wore it with jeans even when I walked my Old English Sheepdog. At the time I lived in Dupont Circle (D.C.). I'd overhear catty remarks as I'd pass by -- who does she think she is? I beamed and thought I'm warm as toast and looking better than ever. Now all we need is spring!!!
  6. jmen interesting story!!!

    Yah--I guess its just how you feel comfortable. Funny cos I lived in Dupont Circle for a year...I spent 2 years and 1 summer in DC then moved back to LA and now Im back in DC....

    I remember the culture being more conservative in DC and even when I used to wear Uggs with shorts or a skirt--people would give me super crazy stares and I didnt wear crazy short skirts or shorts either!!!

    What does your fantasy tweed coat and where did you buy it on sale?

    I only like to buy Chanel RTW usually on sale cos I cant justify or cant simply buy them at 3-5K reg price LOL

    Oh yah--does anyone know when Spring 2007 collections would go on sale?
  7. That coat is stunning. I would love to own a coat like that, especially with the upcoming season.
  8. I love it in pink...a beige flap or gst would be so nice with it!!!
  9. I love it..wear it out!!!
  10. What a gorgeous coat! You should definitely wear the heck out of it! It would look very chic with jeans as well as dressier clothing.
  11. My f.tweed came from NM;the '05 season. It wasn't even on the floor. I was trying on pieces and the SA told me I have this great coat. The tweed is the same as the messenger bag with the camelia flower on the purse -- there are a few on eBay -- it's white with silver, peach/bronze, and blue. It has a Nehru/Sgt. Pepper type collar. Really beautiful, I'll see if I can get a pic posted if you're interested, but we're getting whammed with the blizzard, so it would be an indoor pic for now.

    I know what you mean about D.C.'s unhipness. I worked in a DC law firm during the punk wave. I came in one morning with flaming red hair (fire hydrant red) -- not a home job and not intended but so what. I also wore Doc Martens and a lot of black. No one held back their remarks. I just said don't worry, it'll grow out. The very odd thing is I'd go to Rehoboth in the summer and see people at the dance bars doing all sorts of stuff. Back at work Monday with their noses stuck in the clouds. It's all about the politics of the town and trying to keeping up appearances. Be yourself always. If you go to a party and people ask where do you work, which really means who do you work for, say I'm independently weathly. That leaves them speechless.

    I have also lived in S.F.. Was a great city.

    Am thinking sales will be end of May-early June, but someone may have the exact timing.
  12. not sure about the color, but then I am not a pink person...
  13. I love it!:heart: You can definitely wear it out.
  14. Wear it! It is one beautiful is my fav color so I would have bought it if I could. I just posted on another tweed coat I recently bought from 04 will look awesome in it, and it is quite versatile. Besides, it is one of those things you can dress up or down, so enjoy!
  15. I absolutely LOVE it!!! WOW-WOW-WOW!

    I think it would look great with jeans and flats, or dressed up--it's an amazing coat!!! :love: