Chandler, AZ Police Officer Arrested For Animal Cruelty...

  1. after he left his police dog in his locked truck on a day when the temp was well over 100 degrees.

    I just heard of his arrest on the radio today...I am SO DEVASTATED that the poor dog lost his life, but so thankful that the officer who killed him is being held responsible!

    Around AZ, I hear of WAY too many animals being left inside of hot vehicles, or outside in yards with no shade.

    Hopefully, the officer's arrest will demonstrate to others that this type of severe animal neglect is a SERIOUS offense.
  2. Every year when the temperatures start climbing public service messages are broadcast and printed about not leaving your pets in the vehicle. Every year several people do just that...and their excuse? He/She wanted to come. Okay, who's the human here and supposed to know better? Certainly not the idiot who left the dog in the car, after all he's listening to the dog and not common sense.
    I certainly hope that Chandler officer gets charged and convicted for such a sensless and stupid act. His job is to look out after the canine. Of all people, he should know much better.
  3. Oh no! Why are people so irresponsible? I'm glad he's being held accountable. :mad:
  4. This breaks my heart. A police dog that puts it life on the line every day just because he is asked to do so. The guy took a nap and went out to dinner with that poor dog suffering in the car.

    I think 6 months and $1000 fine is only a tiny fraction of what this guy deserves.

    He should rot in prison and then in hell.
  5. ^ITA. I am SO DISGUSTED by the whole situation.
  6. You know what things like that bug me so much I live up in flagstaff and even though the weather is nice it is not acceptable to leave your animal in the car no matter what if your not in there with them! People like that deserve the worst punishment of all!
  7. im sorry but i hate when just because its an animal they think a little slap on the wrist will do
    in my opinion it is still taking a life!!
    & it was a police dog!! WTF??
    thats all i can say
    call me crazy but my dog are my kids!
    it breaks my heart to hear a dog dying because of their owner​
  8. Do you know how much it COSTS to TRAIN a police dog??? That dog was worth tens of thousands of dollars. His service to society was invaluable. He should have been considered a member of the police force as much as that officer-- who should have to suffer the punishment for killing a fellow officer.
  9. ^^ITA!!! That is a capitol crime!