1. hi guys! im going to a formal and wearing this dress:

    im wearing light gold shoes, and a cream colored clutch and cant seem to find any jewelry to match! i wanna wear my hair up so i was thinking of wearing some big chandelier earrings and no necklace, or just wearing a plain drop necklace. however i want something gold, as im accesorizing w/ gold. any suggestions?? please help! the event is this sunday!
  2. I think drop pearl earrings would look really nice with this dress. Your idea of chandelier earrings is also a great one, and if you go that direction, I would choose something sparkly with silver/white gold tone (rather than yellow gold). This way the earrings wont compete with the creme colour of the dress, and they will still match your gold shoes.

    Have fun!
  3. The other night I wore something borrowed from dh being gold pearls(very unnusual),and matching gold drop pearl earrings, they were superb, so old world classy and glamerous. I would look for something like that, in costume form.
  4. exactly!! but i just cant seem to find any. any ideas on where to look?
  5. Don't know where you live but you can check: Claire's, Afaze, Express

    Good Luck!