Chances to find a birkin 35 in LA, Vegas and SF

  1. Hi,

    I'm going to LA, Vegas and SF at the end of May. I'm just wondering if I would have a chance to buy a birkin 35 straight from the Hermes store around LA, Vegas ans SF. I heard that the store doesn't take order or waiting list anymore. They said 'you get what you see in the store' (confirmed from SA at sydney Hermes store and Jakarta Hermes store).

    Does anyone know about this new policy? or this is just applied to certain hermes store?

    So if you are lucky enough, you get what you really want :p
  2. i tried calling last night (vegas) and they didn't have any. although, i know sa don't like phone calls but whatever. some stores are nice enough to tell you what they have. i think it just depends on who you get on the phone. and yes it is first come first serve or if someone for some ridiculous reason doesn't want it anymore.
  3. Vegas is probably your best shot, followed by LA, then SF. Good luck!!
  4. yes, i wouldn't pin too many hopes on SF....they're notorious for lack of selection.

    agree with greentea that your best bet (no pun intended!) is in vegas :smile:
  5. It is possible...but not probable... Go...enjoy your visits!!! Be thrilled if you just happen to see a birkin in any size...most likely to be a travel birkin??? Do not be at all surprised if you do not see an available birkin in the stores... You might want to consider it a research opportunity...look over other bags, small accessories, etc. to ID colors, leathers, etc. that you are interested in...
  6. Not likely in SF, I'm afraid. And they don't take SO's either......oiy.
  7. ITA, forget SF...we never get anything! :crybaby:
  8. Thanks all

    Why are so many people still fighting to get a birkin? After 30 years I thought everybody (hermes lovers) already has at least one birkin. If I find one, it will be my first and only birkin I guess. My Husband only allowed me to buy one birkin, thats it. If I get a kelly (mostly available), i will always wondering why i dont get a birkin but it is really hard to find one eventhough its in a basic leather like clemence or togo. I dont want to buy from a reseller coz i am to freaking scared to spend that amount of money and later get scammed by them and eventhough its a real birkin, they always put a hefty price tag!
  9. Your best bet is Las Vegas. They're awfully friendly over the phone as well. Good luck!.