chances of getting a croc in tokyo?

  1. so im heading to tokyo next week, is there a chance walking into any of the hermes boutiques and walking away with a 35cm croc birkin? im not specific to color, though would love black, but someone told me its easier to find these exotic bags in tokyo then there for a week- is there any specific store i should check out? any SA? im itching for a croc and its about time to add one to my collection, and also i was told resale boutiques charge that would be crazy esp for croc!!
  2. i've only seen ostrich and lizard brikins on the shelves actually in the H stores in Tokyo. But yes, resellers have lots of crocs though, in all the yummy colours. Good luck! Oh one point to note, because uts an exotic, think you will need the CITES cert to get your tax refund, which takes 10 days. I didnt manage to stay long enough so i didnt get a tax refund for my ostrich =(
  3. I was in Ginza and Shinjuku Isetan H stores last week, but I didn't see any croc birkin. I think you best bet are resellers in Tokyo. Lots of croc birkins as Lumine has pointed out. If you need more help, pm me with what you're looking for. I will ask my trusted resellers to see if they have any and what the prices would be.
  4. I was at the Marunouchi H store (the Tokyo version of *nothing on the shelf* San Francisco store) and didn't see any croc Birkin.

    More likely to see a Ostrich Birkin...
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  6. Thanks for sharing, Lumine! :flowers: That was very helpful.
  7. i have seen alot of croc birkin on the shelf in the USA stores but all with diamonds which raises the price to six figures :crybaby:
  8. well, i bought two birkins so 40cm togo vert anis from hermes ginza
    and one 35cm ostrich gold from herpla!! yaaay!!
    I must say, herpla's store is amazing, but i went there after i went to hermes, so i already bought one could only buy one more..they had this gorgeous clemence gris..i passed by a store before herpla (dont know the name) they had a 35cm black croc, but when i changed the price to euros, it was about 33000!! so...obviously i didnt get it...
    aaah..herpla also had a gorgeous 35 kelly in this bright blue with gold....ohh well :X