Chances of finding a zip clutch on sale?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm interested in buying a zip clutch but can't quite rationalize spending that much money on a wallet. In your experience, do they ever go on sale? Maybe the Nordstrom anniversary sale, or when the new colors come out later this month?

  2. It depends. Is there a specific color you are looking for? I think your best bet would be Bloomingdale's F&F event. Also, other MJ authorized retailers like BlueBee or The Purse Store send out 20-30% off coupons every once and a while.
  3. Thanks, Melly! I'll bookmark the sites you mentioned.

    As for colors, I like the light grey and navy available now. I want something I can see easily in my bag.
  4. Neimans is having a "private night" sale( which is tomarrow) you can get 40% off. They also take phone orders if you don't have one near you.
  5. ^how does that work?? What do you need to get that discount?
  6. you can get 40% off? that is CRAZY!
  7. you just go tomorrow. however, not everything is on sale.
  8. My local Neimans said that Marc Jacobs is not included in the private sale. And it sounded like she'd fielded the same question a bunch of times already today!