Chances for new denim bags-patchwork bowling in normal denim?

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  1. I so like the big bowling bag in the new patchwork but fear the price...what do you all think, how are the chances that it will be produced in the normal denim line?
    Also, any rumours about new denim bags?
  2. I don't think that it will. This particular style was just for the patchwork denim.....but i guess you never know :shrugs:
  3. 2 new denim bags coming out this year a bum bag (fanny bag) style bag and a small messenger style like the rift. also 4-5 small goods including cles, rond and zippe

    plus 2 being discontinued sac a dos (smallest size) and pleaty
  4. Thanks for the info, does not look very good for a bowling in denim:sad: