Chance to locate a made in France Damier speedy 30


Aug 21, 2006
If anyone remember my thread about my woodbury black friday shopping ordeal, you know I also had the wrong size damier speedy and a defective framboise vernis agenda shipped to me.

I just got a call from my SA from bloomindales with the updates of my purchase. I was kind of glad she acknowledged this transaction was really disastrous, since I actually paid for everything on oct 30, jus in time to beat the price increase, but I still didnt receive the items that I should have. I have requested for a made in france damier speedy 30. she had located one to send me, but turned out it was a speedy 25:shrugs: . Worse than that, the embossed pattern of the framboise vernis agenda PM did not seem right at all. I have compared it to my mini vernis agenda, and I also showed it to my friend. The patterns on the vernis agenda were just too light that seemed like they would fade out.

My SA said she have checked with all boutiques in NYC that none has a made in france damier speedy 30, and she had her manager to send out an email to see if they can get any response (sounded more like on the passive side). I have also ordered from my SA for a dark chocolate small luggage tag with hot stamp of my initials for the speedy, but I have waited from Oct 30 but not until today I was told that the tag seemed to be misplaced in the 5th ave flagship store and now they are going to ask me for the hot stamp instructions again and hot stamp it :shrugs: .
Lucky they have locate the vernis agenda that I can go exhange for.

I dont know. I just feel so let down by this. I was so excited expecting for the items for some outings, but got disappointed in handful of times I called to check on the status (yeah.. I have to call up the store myself most of the times instead of they call and update me). And in this period of time, I have also made a few LV purchases from elux and ebay with no problems at all:shrugs: .

I have been very patient dealing with my SA, but I am jus feeling so confused and numb everytime I was informed with the bad news, and have lower my expectations every time.

I have called up 1866 myself to try to locate for the made in france speedy, but as expected they said they are not able to check in the system and I have to call up individual store to check instead.

maybe you will think I am too fussy insisting on a made in france speedy, and this somehow made me think I was like bothering my SA. but, I just hope to have it made in france, because I sometimes use it when I am travelling out of USA. I jus feel weird when the speedy has the outside tag stamped made in USA, when it is supposed to be a French product.

I am so upset now that I am going to ask for a favor from fellow PFers who see a made in france damier speedy 30, please kindly let me know. I am going to call up the store and arrange to send it to nyc. Thank you very much in advance.

*sigh* I will probably stop by the store to at least straighten out the agenda problem this week, and see what they gonna do with other items...

I am sorry for so long of a nag like this again. but, this is the only place I think people will understand me instead of thinking I am silly...
Hi Bbqbt, I got a Damier Speedy (25 though) last week from South Coast Plaza here in California. To my surprise, it was made in France!! The phone number for the boutique is (714)662-6907. It's about 4:50pm over here...the store closes at 6:30. Try giving them a call! Good luck and feel better hon!
Dallas Galleria and LV in Neiman Marcus in Plano, Texas, both had all of their damier speedies made in France. Galleria phone number: 972-934-3637. NM phone number: 972-629-1700 x1303. Good luck!
:smile: Yay! I am calling these stores tomorrow. hopefully I will finally get my speedy.

Seems like the made in france damier speedy is not as extremely difficult to locate as what my SA had portrayed :shrugs: .

I will let you all know how it goes. Thanks so much!! You are all superb!
Yep. I ordered from eluxry quite a few times already. They are excellent. I just shopped in bloomingdales this time because I had quite a few hundred bucks bloomingdales gift card. So, I am like stuck with the bloomingdales boutique....:s you think this is why I was treated like this?

Have you ever ordered from elux? I got a French Alma and French Azur Speedy from them.
There are leather flags outside on each end of speedies. One end has a hole for the brass lock. The flag on the other side is stamped with "made in france/USA".

so i have a dumb question- is it stamped made in france or is the date code something that indicates it? thanks!
I was also going to suggest either Let-Trade or Authentic_lvlady. They both sell authentic LV consignment bags - and most of their bags are from France. My batignolles horizontal and LV Speedy 30 were both practically new, from authentic_lvlady and were both from France, which is what I prefer also. My Damier Speedy was from the Charlotte NC boutique and is from France as well.