Chance of "Sydney" Louis Vuitton lovers/owners to meet up?

  1. :nuts: :nuts: for high teas or any small gathering, I'll be it will be fun? Food, chat and drooling more of Louis Vuitton :yahoo:
  2. I organized one last year, it was postponed then canceled due to few responses, maybe there are now more Sydney siders willing to come. I lately have very little time on my hands to spare but if i could i would be happy to go.
  3. Well, Im not in Sydney either at this moment, so will be just getting people interest first I supposed, so please every1 ... suggestion suggestion! :yahoo:
  4. fannatics, have you posted this on the vogue forum chanel thread yet??

  5. isn't there a hightea thing happening already??

    I hate trying to organise outings (as i always seem to do it with my friends)

    I think somewhere with parking, though Sheraton looks quite good
  6. no clue about any previous gathering, we might do it around early/mid autumn ... see how it goes dear :roflmfao:
  7. That will be great :yes::yes: what abt Melbourne LV lovers?? :wlae::wlae:
    Is there any plan Melbourne LV lovers??:rolleyes:
  8. You guys can fly up and meet us in Sydney, yeah?? :biggrin:
  9. :party:hahaha yeah~ ^^
    Is there any Melbourne Lovers ?? we can have meeting one day~ yeah~:yes::yes:
  10. no more responses? come on Sydneysiders
  11. anyone? again anyone? come on sydneysiders!!!! hahahaha
  12. cutebear84,

    I'll be in Melbourne in mid/end May for a few weeks.

    Sorry, not in Sydney...... If I buy a property in Nelson Bay soon, then I'll be in Sydney for a bit.
  13. edzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz move to sydney please, hahahahahaha
  14. hehehe....

    I might be moving to melbourne... still looking....hehehe

    Would love to move to Sydney but it's too pricey for the land size I want... Prices are insane there!