Champs Elysées Jewelry on elux now

  1. The ring is very pretty! The necklace feels a little too dog tag-ish for me, and the bracelet looks too much like a watch
  2. Thanks for posting!!! I'm madly in love with that ring! :nuts:
  3. My sa tried to sell me on this line when she couldn't find a galce bracelet- the ring is nice, but I'm not feeling the bracelet or necklace.
  4. love the ring!! :love:
  5. *screams* i got the very last ring. *squee*

  6. btw, are these limited ed items or a perm collection?
  7. ^^I believe they're seasonal- not as rare as LE but not continually produced like a permanent item. Then again, LV commonly rereleases jewelry items.
  8. :nuts: I LOVE that ring!
  9. It's finally hitting Elux! Wasn't Karman posting ? about this ring a while back too? :nuts:
  10. Only size med. left, anyone know what size it refer to? my finger is very thin.
    Dont know if that would be too big. I am a size 4.
  11. I wanted these untill I saw them IRL. :sad: