Champagne Maddy is here... where are my sunglasses?

  1. Holy moly, when they said "metallic" they really meant it. Luckily the sun isn't shining this directly into my eyes or else I'd be permanently blind.

    My camera is not working at the moment, need to charge up the baby so pics tomorrow. Overall, I'm going to have to say *negative* on this one.

    Way too much flash for every day use. It's like a bag made out of glitter. Pretty, but not for me. I never go out LOL
  2. oh darn!:shocked:

    Can you return it?
    It probably is more flashy in person than on the website.
  3. OK, just enough juice left... my pictures still don't capture how shiny this thing is. My goodness, this is like something you'd take club-hopping with the mm-cha-mm-cha-mm-cha in the background.:nuts:[​IMG][/IMG]
  4. [​IMG][/IMG]
  5. The pic doesn't show as much shine as I thought. Maybe you could take it outside or something? I think it's a nice bag. A real attention grabber. :tup:
  6. That's the thing, it's REALLY REALLY shiny. Pics just don't capture it. Thanks:heart:
  7. That bag is definitely an evening bag. It's really amazing and beautiful but as you said, not an everyday bag.
  8. Ohh it is sooo pretty! I don't think I could carry it during the day though . I have mettalics that I do, but they are a little more matte. Maybe this is a good time to set up a regular date night with DH so you can use this beauty. Too pretty and too good of a deal to let go IMO.
  9. It is very pretty - looks good - :tup:
  10. Thanks for the pic - Its pretty, but I completely agree with you on the flash.
  11. VERY pretty, and VERY sparkly! I agree though, not an every day bag. Are you going to keep it for special occasions?

    As for me, I'm still waiting on my burgundy Riki! And I'm getting concerned. I've been tracking it and ever since Friday at 9:04 AM it has been showing up as "Processing for Clearance". The other strange thing is that under Description is this: FISH & WILDLIFE ITEM/DDP.

    Fish & Wildlife item??? Do you think that might be because of the watersnake trim? And would that delay it being cleared for delivery?

    I'm just getting a tiny bit concerned that it's been held up in NY so long.....I just hope they don't lose it! Especially since several of you have received your bags that we all ordered on the same day. :hrmm:

    Any thoughts?
  12. Bonniec,
    Wow that is sparkley! I love it!!! My bronze maddy is too, but maybe because it is dark it looks a little more toned down. I've worn mine out with shorts even, I think yours would look great with jeans and a Tee. As long as that's the only bling you wear, I think it would look fine. Of course, I live in California so a little flash is expected...:wlae:
  13. I think you are right about being able to wear it out during the day as long as everything else is understated. Then again, I live in Florida so a little flash is expected here too:yes:
  14. I like it!! I would definitely wear it in the daytime occasionally, but not as an everyday bag. Living in NYC I like metallics because they break up the typical NYC black, black and more black color scheme. If it's not you, then there are so many other great bags, but it looks really cute on you!!
  15. OH Bonnie:drool: I :heart::heart: your new baby:choochoo:

    I would not hesitate wearing her during the day with jeans or shorts:supacool: You look great wearing her and go out and wear her with confidence! You already show how much style you have:tup: