Champagne, fondue, and of course...Hermès!

  1. Last night, crochetbella, pr1nc355, Mr Posh Spice, and myself met up at SCP. After our initial introductions, we decided to head over to our favorite hangout where we were to meet pr1nc355. As we walked into H, we greeted my SA, who then did a double take because crochetbella was in the shop earlier that day and the day before and Mr Posh Spice is also a regular customer of the store! So we all laughed and cited our love for all things Hermès as our common bond ;)

    All the other SAs recognized each one of us and seemed delighted that we all knew each other. Then Mr Posh Spice's regular SA asked if we all would like some champagne...
  2. We all kind of looked at each other for a few seconds, until finally crochetbella and I shot our hands up and said "Yes!" LOL!! So as the SA went back to get us some bubbly, we headed over to the scarf counter because my mother requested that I purchase a scarf for her (since she fell in love with them the other day she bought the Victoria FT in Gold clemence, but that's another story).

    As I decided on a gorgeous Jardins de H'iver scarf by Annie Faivre in the light pink colorway and a gold scarf ring, the SA brought out three La Table champagne flutes filled with champagne, served on Hermès embossed napkins and Hermès china. By this time, the other customers in the store are staring at us and probably thought we were crazy!
  3. oops...i will wait with my questions.
  4. Oh wow! Sounds fabulous already!
  5. Toasting each other, sipping champagne...feeling good....we walk over to the bag display case and Mr Posh Spice's SA decides to give us (at least me) the shock of our lives by bringing out the most stunning 35cm orange porosus croc Birkin with diamond encrusted hardware! :blink: Needless to say, we were :drool: and warned the SA not to give us anymore champagne or one of us would end up walking out with that beauty!

    Pr1nc355 then met up with us and also got a glass of champagne and a look at the gorgeous diamond croc Birkin...
  6. to which she asked why it was not in the display case. The SA replied because it was on hold to be purchased *jaw drop*

    We then walked around the store a little more, schmoozed a little more and then left for Melting Pot.

    We devoured the delicious cheese fondue, entrees, salads, and TDF chocolate fondues!

    It was such a great time!!! We definitely need to meet up again and hopefully can meet up with more of our tPF friends!

  7. omg i LOVE the melting pot!!!! i am so jealous!!!! (meeting other tpfers too and the hermes but really the melting pot!)
  8. OMG! Sounds like you all had the best time!!! What a fabulous day! Friends, champagne, Hermes and chocolate! AHHHHH, life is good!
  9. Sounds like a FAB time! As Crochetbella will attest, the most we get in our neck of the woods is the THOUGHT of a bottled water!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  10. what a great time you had!!!! love the picture:smile:
  11. :girlsigh: oohh...I was at SonyStyle SCP last night...around 8pm. I was upset with my dh and new laptop...we were there till closing. That is the back of mind, I kept on thinking of going down to H!:girlsigh:'d you!
  12. What fun!
  13. Aww, fun! :nuts: Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I love the Melting Pot. Their food is heavenly!
  14. Amkur, how great of you to post a summary of your get together and a photo! And to get the chance to see an amazing bag like that? OMG! I was just there Saturday AND Sunday. Picked up a few things myself! Keep me in mind the next time you meet. Would love to join you!

    SCP will look nice when the remodeling is finished!
  15. Wow, it sounds as though you all had a great time, and you all look fantastic, w/ blocked out faces and all:smile:! That orange croc must have been stunning.